Elias Hakala (b. 1988) is a video artist from Helsinki. He has worked as a VJ and produced video art at several different events, both in public clubs and private underground events. In his visual works, the most important thing for him is to create an interactive entity where the viewer can participate in the work with various controllers what he’s build himself.

Elias prepares all the materials with graphic softwares or videography. The subjects move between nature and the urban environment. In recent years, Elias has focused even more on underwater videography, so you will definitely see them in his future works.

Elias works at his studio in Roihupelto, Helsinki.

As his second job, Elias has worked as an AV technician and a technical producer at event venues in Helsinki.

Contact: info (at) eliashakala.com

Entrepreneur / Hakakuva
11/2018 – 
Custom video and photography projects for mainly business clients

Visual works

CONTROL / Porvoon Valot -Light Festival 2023
02/2023 – Porvoo
Interactive projected light work on the wall of Porvoo Municipal Hall. The audience had the opportunity to modify the 12x40m projection with the controller I built.

Custom visuals / LUX Helsinki, BYOB
01/2020 – Helsinki

VJ / Club Kaiku, Local Deep
05/2019 – Helsinki

VJ / Merikerho, Ivah Sound
03/2019 – Helsinki

VJ / Grafia, Vuoden Huiput -Gala
03/2019 – Helsinki

VJ / FemF After Party, Myös-Collective
11/2018 – Helsinki

VJ / Baltic Circle After Party, Myös-Collective
11/2018 – Helsinki

VJ / HFS After Party, Myös-Collective
11/2018 – Helsinki

Other works

DARRA Anti-Lifestyle Magazine -Zine Series / Author’s edition
2014-2017 – Helsinki
A three-part zine series about hangovers, artists, life, etc. Edition 400 pcs. Black and white. Size A5. Handmade layout.

Reissuvihko -Zine / Author’s edition
06/2015 – Helsinki
A Zine about my trip to Asia between the years 2014-2015. Edition 50 pcs. Black and white. Size A5. Handmade layout.

Short films about skateboarding / Author’s edition
2005-2009 – Porvoo
Four short films about skateboarding and a youth culture around it. Format DVD. The total number of copies is approx. 100.


Taidekorttely Ry
08/2022 – Helsinki
Artists association

2018-2019 – Helsinki
Genre-fluid music platform | devoted in intersectional feminist operation