Latest works

An interactive light work where the audience had the opportunity to modify the work using a hand-built MIDI controller. The videos shown at the bottom were shot during the summer of 2022 underwater in Pyhtää Finland.

Handmade MIDI controller for the CONTROL light work. The material of the box is powder-coated wood. Inside, an Arduino Pro Micro microcontroller and a programmed LED strip. 2023

The Granular Synthesis is customly made by hand for an audiovisual band called HYS. The cover and the base are made by using 3mm birch plywood. The graphics are carved with a laser engraver. The sides are 3D printed by using matte black PLA filament. Inside you can find a C++ coded Atmega328 chip. It uses 9V power adapter and 6.3mm guitar plug for the sound. 2023

Underwater – A short film, 2020

FRANS – Rabbit Holes, A music video 2020

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